Did Electronic Mobin Co.

Najva was a transmitter project, and as a Digital team member, I cooperated with the RF and Software teams. My responsibility was to receive data from the designed PC software via UART protocol and after the needed calculation, transmit them to RF board via SPI. All the calculations was with a Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA.

Paper Soccer

Co-Operated with Sheida Majouni

Paper soccer is a game that traditionally played with pen and paper. We designed this game on Matlab and Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA. The game had Multi-player (Human vs. Human) and Single-Player (Human vs. AI) modes and AI designed with the Q-Learning algorithm. The FPGA board could connect to the computer with the UART protocol.


A spike sorting module using self-organizing map

Bachelor’s Thesis

I designed a module for spike sorting using SOM method. I worked on this project for 9 months, and I implemented this method on Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA. Its results became a poster for the 7th Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress in Iran in 2018. My supervisor for this project was Dr. Hosseini-Nejad.